Water Resources Engineering Specialists

Lloyd Chris Wilson, Ph.D., P.E., President

As the Company‚Äôs Principal engineer, Dr. Wilson provides consulting services to commercial, government, and legal clients. Responsibilities include stormwater management, forensic hydrology and hydraulics, hydrologic, hydraulic, and environmental modeling, statistical analysis, stochastic hydrology, software and database development, and expert consulting and testimony.

Dr. Wilson has over 30 years of experience as a consulting water resources engineer and educator. He was formerly Vice President of Engineering at The Clayton Engineering Company, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, Principal Engineer at Law Companies, Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri, and Kennesaw, Georgia, and partner at Hydrologic Engineers, Inc., in Rolla, Missouri. He is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the Engineering Education Center of the School of Extended Learning at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Wilson graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla with a research emphasis in stochastic hydrology. He is a licensed Professional Engineering in Missouri, Illinois, and Georgia.

Siti H. Wilson, P.E., Vice President

Ms. Wilson is the majority owner of Wilson Engineering and is currently a full-time employee of the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) as a Principal Engineer in the Operations Department. She has worked at MSD for the past five years.

Prior to MSD, Ms. Wilson worked for the St. Louis County Department of Public Works for 13 years as a Plan Reviewer and then Senior Public Works Engineer. She was responsible for the review of plans, specifications, and calculations submitted in support of permit applications for commercial projects to assure compliance with St. Louis County adopted building codes and ordinances pertaining to structural, fire safety, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, soil stability, zoning, and site development requirements.

Ms. Wilson is an alumni of both the University of Missouri-Columbia and -Rolla and holds a M.S. in Civil Engineering where she specialized in structural analysis and design. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri.